Backpackers love a life of adventure - but some have revealed that occasionally matters become a little too adventurous, if not downright startling.

They have shared some of their most bizarre and shocking experiences in hostels on anonymous confessions app Whisper and the stories range from hilarious to disgusting.

Experiences include finding two strangers having sex in their room, drunk men 'full frontal flashing' in elevators and travellers wetting themselves from laughing too much.

One contributor said: "At a hostel in Ecuador I woke up to a drunk guy spooning me because he thought I was his girlfriend.


"I'm a dude."

Another added: "I accidentally broke a window because a mouse ran across my bare foot and I freaked out and threw whatever was in my hand."

Meanwhile, another commenter revealed that their horror story came in the shape of an elderly man, a crack deal and a hostel.

He said: "Immediately after checking in, an elderly gay gentleman tried to get with my dad while a crack deal was going down in front of our room."

Another user said: "A crazy French woman who ran a hostel I stayed at in Paris would only communicate by shouting and swearing at us and refused to give us sheets or blankets for the beds."

Posters also shared their stories of when they were on school trips and had to stay in hostels.

One said: "Went with my school to Italy in eighth grade, busted a crew shooting a porno in our bungalows. Our teachers chased them off. Never seen someone run that fast with a full on tripod."

Following the post was another confession from a student who claimed that on their school trip the police were called.

They said: "I went on a school trip to Germany and the school had to call the police because of a man stalking the students to our hostel."

Other stories include a backpacker who spent three days "enjoying a woman's company" only for them to vanish from each other's lives soon after, a traveller who was sleeping in a shared dorm and was asked if she would like to "share" her bed and a generous tourist who snuck in a woman who couldn't afford accommodation - and then slept with her in a single bed.

Another consisted of a double booking that saw a young woman forced to share a room with her sister, and eight rugby players - however she confessed that "it wasn't the worst thing that happened".

Concluding the anonymous thread was one poster who revealed why it is always wise to check your bedding before going to sleep.

They said: "I found a turd in my pillow case when I stayed at a rundown hostel in America."