Dear Sir,

For a stay of four nights in Wellington at the end of May, I spent an hour or two looking at the different hotel booking sites and settled on the Copthorne in Oriental Bay.

I used Trivago, Expedia, Wotif and, but I found booking directly with the hotel gave me the best price by far and more accurate room information. Specifically, all the sites offered only queen or single beds, but on the Copthorne site I was able to get a king. It was an eye opener for me and I will now always look to see if I can get the best deal from the hotel itself.

Kind Regards, Grant White
Gone for a Burton
Dear Sir,


No doubt others have already responded to the "Travel Lines" quote on page 3 of [May 17's] Travel magazine which wrongly attributes a quote by the great explorer, anthropologist and translator Sir Richard Francis Burton (1821-1890) to actor Richard Burton - originally Richard Walter Jenkins (1924-1985).

[A photo of Sir Richard Francis Burton] shows "the scar from a spear point driven through his face during a skirmish with Somali tribesmen in 1854".

Sir Richard Francis Burton once wrote a note to his wife, Lady Isabel, when he was replaced as British Consul to Damascus in 1871: "Don't be frightened; I am recalled. Pay, pack, and follow at convenience."

I wondered how Elizabeth Taylor might have responded to such a directive from her Richard Burton!

Helen B Laurenson

PhD, MA (Hons), NZLA Cert.

Just an Observation
Dear Sir,

I see that Graham Matthews [of Auckland Airport] sent in a very wordy reply to our queries about whether or not the popular Observation Deck at Auckland Airport would be re-opened.

To save that long diatribe he could have answered with a simple "yes" or "no".

It sounded like the Observation Deck was closed for the renovations. (Which is what we were told a while back when we were out there). However, it now seems it will not be back, after going through the website he recommended ... which took a considerable amount of time, through many screens all the way through to the Concept Plan,

where the observation area seems to not appear.

Anyway, like the original writer, Simon Gilmore, and I'm sure many others, I find this very disappointing.

Colleen Wright

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