Women travelling in China can now opt to go through "female-only" security checks, following a three-month trial at Beijing Capital International Airport.

The move to segregate genders at security checkpoints was intended to protect women's privacy during security frisks, with female officers staffing the new lines.

"We feel more comfortable when our coats and suitcases are checked by female security inspectors. I think this seems like a VIP service for women," a woman passing through security at Beijing Capital International Airport told People's Online Daily.

The women-only lines are also meant to speed up processes, as women apparently carry more cosmetics than other passengers.


"Female passengers often put many cosmetics into suitcases and need to open their luggage for a check," said a security officer.

As a result, efficiency had been reportedly improved by 25 per cent.

Women-only lines now operate in Beijing, Kunming and Wuhan airports and are predictably marked with bright pink signs.

- nzherald.co.nz