Tablets are catching up to toys when it comes to travelling with kids, and a free hotel breakfast is a must for parents.

A new survey from Wotif travel found that accessing kid-friendly content on tablets, smartphones and inflight entertainment was the top tip for soothing a noisy child.

Forty-four per cent of respondents recommended technology, not far behind the more traditional toys and books, which were recommended by 45 per cent.

It also found that men were more likely to recommend the tech solution, at 46 per cent versus 43 per cent for women. Women were more likely to favour books and toys at 54 per cent versus 44 per cent for men.


Men were also more accepting of noisy kids on planes, with 30 per cent saying "that's just what kids are like", while only 27 per cent of women agreed.

"It's so easy to 'plug in' now thanks to inflight entertainment, at times at an extra cost, or on your own devices onboard and we were interested to see that more men than women are likely to plug kids into tech while travelling," said Kim Stockham, Wotif travel specialist.

"My tip is to always pack your own headset, as inner-ear airplane headsets can fall out of little ears and don't forget to pack a cuddly toy or pillow for those times kids, parents (and tech) batteries run low."

Aucklanders were the keenest to embrace tech, at 52 per cent, while Canterbury and Otago residents were the least, at 35 per cent.

And when it came to accommodation, the number one drawcard for Kiwi families was found to be free breakfast - sought by a whopping 42 per cent of respondents. It was also the top search filter for Kiwi families booking online accommodation.

This was closely followed by swimming pools at 39 per cent and high speed internet at 35 per cent.

Kids clubs and babysitting ranked low in importance, at 14 and seven per cent respectively - suggesting that Kiwis prefer to spend quality time with their children while on holiday.

"Kiwi travellers have revealed exactly what they want when they book accommodation for their family trip, and the verdict is in: Food," said Ms Stockham. "New Zealand travellers seek out all inclusive breakfast wherever they can. "

Top ranked filters by Kiwis booking a family holiday

1: Free breakfast - 42 per cent
2: Swimming pool - 39 per cent
3: High speed internet - 35 per cent
4: Free parking - 34 per cent
5: Restaurant in hotel - 23 per cent
6: Kids club - 14 per cent
7: Babysitting service - 7 per cent