Astonishing footage has emerged of a Boeing 737 being blown right around on the ground by ferocious winds at an airport in Siberia.

The one-minute-long clip was seemingly filmed on a mobile phone by someone on board a vehicle nearby and shows the aircraft sliding almost 180 degrees on a snowy area of tarmac.

The footage was uploaded to YouTube and also posted to, which said that it was taken at Alykel airport in conditions that forced it to close.

Several voices can be heard on the clip, belonging to people who are evidently startled at what they're watching.


Boeing 737s are fairly heavy even when empty - around 40 tonnes - which makes the footage all the more remarkable.

The authenticity of the clip could not be confirmed by MailOnline Travel at the time of writing, but understands from industry sources that 737s could be moved by extreme winds if empty and on slippery surfaces.

- Daily Mail