Regan Schoultz flies aboard Korean Air flight KE129 from Seoul to Auckland.

The plane:

A Boeing 747-800.

Class: Business Class.

My seat: "Wow" is all I can say. Each seat in Business Class has its own private cubicle with a flat-screen TV at the front and seats that can be laid flat. In airplane terms, this means luxury and meant I slept like a baby on the flight. The cubicle itself was quite spacious and there was enough room to stash some items in the cubby holes on the side of the chair - which meant I could have a few personal belongings next to me instead of in the overhead locker.


Fellow passengers: Thanks to the private cubicles, I didn't actually I get a chance to see who my fellow passengers were - not that I minded.

Service: The service on board was fantastic. Upon taking my seat, I was served a glass of Champagne - the good stuff, Perrier Jouet - and was greeted warmly by the attendants. Before take off, another male attendant, who I assumed was the manager, greeted each passenger personally with a bow of the head. During the flight, the staff were attentive and always happy to help. They were quick to top up glasses of water, wine or Champagne. Mmmm, the Champagne. Once again, before landing the same man and some of the flight attendants came and said goodbye to us and thanked us for coming on the flight.

The toilets: Were a step above the rest. The Business Class toilet was quite large in comparison with those in Economy Class and were kept very clean throughout the flight. The toilets were even sophisticated enough to flush and close the lids after you had finished your business. The additions of razor blades, shaving cream, eye pads and cotton buds for use on the side of the sink were a nice touch.

The food: So good I felt like I was at a restaurant. Prior to eating, the attendants arrange your tray table with a tablecloth and cutlery and set you up with a drink - the selection ranged from Californian Merlot, Australian Shiraz, a selection of whites and my favourite, Perrier Jouet. We were provided with menus and given four options, two Korean-style mains and two European - likewise for breakfast service. First up was an appetiser of mini-tartlets followed by a salad and then the main. Not quite ready to give up Korean food after my trip away, I decided on the Korean-style bulgogi beef served with rice and vegetables. After dinner it was cheese, icecream and blueberry pie - so good.

Breakfast was served in much the same manner.

Entertainment: A three-page list of new-release films was available, as well as a selection of Korean, Chinese and European titles in other menus.

Would I fly again: Hell yes, it was amazing in every way.