Best holiday ever?

I managed to get up to Ko Samui late last year with a mate. We hired scooters for $15 a day and explored the island, getting away from the tourist spots and finding the local eateries, bars and hidden beaches.

Where's your next holiday?

I'm planning a trip to Cuba. One of my friends visited Havana and said it's like stepping back in time. The Spanish colonial architecture looks amazing. I love my photography so Cuba is at the top of my to-do list.


Best anti-jetlag tip?

I've tried nearly every trick in the book. I've been flying back and forth between London and New Zealand two or three times a year for the past eight years and nothing seems to help. I generally try to sleep on the plane in the normal sleeping hours of the country I'm landing in and try to stay awake as long as possible once I've landed. Oh yeah, I always try to make sure I've got food in the fridge for those 3am wide-awake-and-hungry moments. Jetlag sucks.

Favourite city to visit and why?

It has to be New York. It feels like the centre of the universe. For its size and the number of people living there, it's one of the easiest places to get around and I think that's important when you're visiting a new city. Strangely I have a strong memory of trying hot avocado chips for the for time in Brooklyn. I've never seen them since.

Best get away from it all place to escape to?

Waipu Cove has been my go-to, post-summer tour for years. My friend's family has a beautiful bach that backs on to the campground. I love getting up there and kicking back.

Describe your ideal, money-no-object dream holiday

I'd first love to hit New York for seven nights, watch an NBA game, concert or boxing fight at Madison Square Garden, then off to Europe and possibly a cruise for two weeks around the Mediterranean. Back over to France and I'd hit the Alps and snowboard into Switzerland. Catch the Eurostar back to London to catch up with friends, then off on a photography trip in Cuba for five days, then back to home where I'd nip up to Waipu Cove to get over my jetlag.

Shelton Woolright's new band Kinetic (with Laughton Kora) play Auckland City Limits at Western Springs on March 19.