Tourists are dying to take selfies - and new data shows the many ways in which we're risking our lives to get that amazing Instagram shot.

Figures released earlier this year showed India was the number one location for deaths by selfie, followed by Russia and the United States.

In response to the trend, the Russian Interior Ministry even published a "Safe Selfie" guide to help prevent further deaths.

New data shows that selfies have been the cause of at least 49 deaths around the world since 2014.

Predictably, the most common cause of selfie death is falling from a height, but there have also been reports of plane crashes, gunshots and animals being involved.


There were also some rather unusual cases.

Two people reportedly died while taking selfies involving grenades, while another two fatalities involved plane crashes.

Infographics created by Statista showed 19 of the 49 deaths occurred in India - where "no-selfie zones" have been introduced in some cities as a result.

In September last year, a Japanese tourist died at the famous Taj Mahal after he fell down a staircase while attempted to take a selfie.

Though falling from heights was the most frequent cause, with 16 reports, drowning was not far behind at 14 fatalities.

Further data compiled by Priceonomics found the average age of selfie death victims was 21.

And though it has been reported that women take significantly more selfies than men, 75 per cent of the victims were male.

Selfie safety tips

Watch out for teeth

: Make sure that animal you're planning to pose with is truly harmless before you get up close and personal for a selfie.

Stay away from the edge: We're all bored of your magnificent landscape selfies anyway, so try to refrain from getting too close to the edge.

Hold on tight: If you happen to be speeding through India on the roof of a train, don't loosen your grip to take a picture.

Run: Is there a natural disaster happening? Don't stick around for a picture. Run!
It's not worth it

Just remember: No selfie is worth losing your life to narcissism for.