How often do you travel?

All the time. Life is just go-go-go.

Best holiday ever?
Friends of friends had a farmhouse in Perugia and we spent a week there one summer. Someone accidentally double-booked us so we shared the space with an Austrian guitarist and his one-legged girlfriend who had a singing voice not unlike Muddy Waters'. They performed if we did the dishes.

Best get-away-from-it-all place to escape to and why?
Reykjavik. Because who the hell are you going to run into in Iceland?


Favourite city?
Mexico City.

Best meal you've eaten while travelling?
It was in India but I don't remember what anything was called.

Best travel tip?
Don't stress about packing. If you forget something just buy it when you get there.

Best anti-jetlag tip?
Bloody Mary on takeoff and arrival.

Where would you love to return to and why?
Dungog, New South Wales. Absolute dive of a place but I loved it there.

Worst travel experience?
I caught a £2 Mega Bus from Edinburgh to London, which took 12 hours and somehow early in the trip everyone developed food poisoning. The last few hours were tense but not tense enough, if you know what I mean.

Most memorable place you've performed?
A high-school gym in Naenae. I was at drama school and we were touring King Lear. In the middle of a slow-motion battle someone called out "Laaaaaame."

Most remote place you've been?
It's not even far away but the Poor Knight Islands, because the only people who live there are fish.

Most luxurious travel moment?
I downed my first and last sleeping tablet when I was 18 on a flight to London. I took it with liquor and was so knocked out I had to be dragged through Hong Kong Airport on a luggage trolley for the transfer, and I woke up an hour before landing in the UK. It was such a good flight.

What do you hate about travelling?
Foreign currency. An absolute nightmare.

Please finish this sentence. It's not a proper holiday unless . . .
Your Mum's dressed head to toe in white.

Where is your next holiday?
I'm heading to Taupo for a christening but I'm not staying the night though.

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