Most celebrities find themselves instantly upgraded on a flight, but this wasn't the case for Andie MacDowell recently.

The actress, best known for her roles in Groundhog Day and Four Weddings and a Funeral, found herself downgraded from first class to economy - and all thanks to her dog.

MacDowell took to Twitter to complain, telling American Airlines: "I paid for first class & they put me in tourist because of my dog that I pre-booked & paid for".

"I'm very happy flying in coach I'm happy on a bus or the subway but if I play for first class, that's where I want to be, that was the point," she added.


The small black-and-white rescue dog was travelling with her in the cabin.

Although she sad she enjoyed her time in economy, she still wanted a refund from the airline.

"As it turned out my dog was really relaxed & surrounded by sweet people, I just paid for something I didn't get," she wrote.

However, her complaints attracted a lot of criticism, with other Twitter users accusing her of "first world problems".

And by the end of it, MacDowell was over the whole thing.

"Lessons learned never complain on Twitter & don't pay for first class on American Airlines, only express gratitude...can we move on now," she tweeted.

Five celebrity travel meltdowns

1. Russell Crowe

In December, Russell Crowe took to Twitter to complain after he was told his son would not be able to take his new hoverboard on a Virgin Australia flight. The popular boards had been banned by many airlines due to their tendency to explode.

2. Alec Baldwin
In 2011, Alex Baldwin was kicked off an American Airlines flight because he simply could not stop playing Words With Friends on his phone. It may seem unreasonable, but the addictive game was at the height of its popularity at the time. At the time, his spokesman explained, "He loves WWF so much that he was willing to leave a plane for it."

3. Ivana Trump
Small children can be extremely annoying on a flight - just ask The Donald's missus. Back in 2009, witnesses on a flight from Florida to New York witnessed her screaming and swearing at some kids who had the audacity to run in front of her.

4. Billie Joe Armstrong
The Green Day front man was asked to leave a Southwest flight in 2011 for wearing his pants too low. When an employee of the airline asked him to pull them up, Armstrong refused and was escorted off the flight.

5. Gerard Depardieu
In 2008, the veteran French actor shocked passengers by urinating into a bottle, after being told he'd have to wait until after take-off to use the bathrooms. Depardieu took matters into his own hands and headed to the back of the plane to answer the call of nature. Unfortunately it didn't go as smoothly as planned and some urine ended up on the carpet. The flight was grounded for two hours while staff cleaned up the mess. Unsurprisingly, Depardieu was asked to leave.