Best holiday ever?

Probably the one I just returned from. It spanned the best part of four years, nine summers, six continents and 40-odd countries. I did do some work here and there, but it was pretty much one big holiday. It's gonna be a tough one to beat.

Where's your next holiday?

As I have only been working back at Newstalk ZB for about 14 days and am yet to broach the question of leave, nothing is confirmed. But I am hoping to head back to Europe in June/July - and maybe check out Iran in the process, I have heard great things. And the Philippines this Christmas.


Best anti-jetlag tip?

For long distance (New Zealand to Europe): sleeping pills. Drop one about 15 minutes before you board and by the time you get on the plane, it's lights out. And for me that's generally just before I decide to take on the challenge of airline chicken. Sleep and no aeroplane chicken. It's win, win. For short flights, (a nasty five to eight-hour trip): Arrive. Push through until 8pm. Have a drink. Sleep.

Favourite city to visit and why?

London. That city has had my heart since I first landed there in 2007. I just love getting caught up in the mess of it. The adventures are never ending. Anything and everything is possible - and you can't say that about many cities. I love the unpredictability of the place. You just never know what you are going to see, who you are going to meet, and/or what is going to happen next. And you can fly to Spain in two hours for £30.

Best get away from it all place to escape to?

It used to be Parque Tayrona in Colombia, but I have just found a new place. Mazunte in Mexico - on the southern Pacific coast. I need to write some sort of travel article about the place because it is just incredible. Tiny little village, sunny all year around, stunning beaches (the water is 20C-plus), beautiful fresh food and cheap-as. Like, $40 to stay on the beach, meals are $8, and I went swimming with turtles and dolphins for $18.

Describe your ideal money-no-object dream holiday

Backpacking in South and Central America but with a private jet on standby to fly me between places so I don't have to endure the 18-hour bus rides.

Mark Dye is the afternoon co-host alongside Kerre McIvor on Newstalk ZB