Rachel Bache takes on the excitement of Vivid Sydney, here are today's highlights from the festival.

Vivid is an annual festival that helps brighten up Sydney, Australia, as it heads into winter. It features an array of art, music, idea talks and more.

Here are Rachel Bache's highlights from day two of Vivid Sydney:

1. Arty ideas at Semi-Permanent

Semi-Permanent is an art and design conference that has been running over a decade. It's basically a creative hipster's paradise. This year it hosted exhibitions for Anna-Wili Highfield, Hayden Shapes with Jason Woodside and Stanley Donwood, the man behind the Radiohead album cover art. But the highlight was hearing Patrick Clair's talk about his work with creating the title sequences for various video games, the 2014 MTV Awards and shows like True Detective, Halt and Catch Fire and Marvel's new series, Daredevil. It was inspiring to see his process behind the work and realising all the artistry and effort that goes into making the clips.

2. Lunch time at Carriageworks

Aside from all the art, another favourite from Semi-Permanent - which runs across two days at the Carriageworks in Eveleigh - was taking a break at Cornerstone Bar & Food. The Po Bo burger they served, with American southern fried chicken and onion rings, completely hit the spot. There was also a food market running outside the Carriageworks in the morning, buzzing with people and delicious smells.


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3. Lights and fun on Argyle

Looking up under the Argyle tunnel and seeing baby lion cubs running around the ceiling was captivating. Life Story, by Spinifex Group and BBC Earth combined footage from Sir David Attenborough documentaries, following animals in stages of growth. It was tempting to lay down in the middle of the blocked off street and watch it all evening. The light projection was just up the road from The Argyle, which was hosting Fractured Fantasies, the first weekend feeling like a scene from Tron: Legacy with a Daft Punk tribute act. The next two weekends are set to turn The Argyle into Wonderland and then a galaxy far far away, with Alice in Wonderland and Star Wars-themed nights.

The Sydney Opera House is seen illuminated as part of the Vivid Sydney Festival. Photo / Getty Images
The Sydney Opera House is seen illuminated as part of the Vivid Sydney Festival. Photo / Getty Images

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Rachel Bache travelled to Sydney thanks to Destination New South Wales.

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