We asked readers for style tips when travelling. Here are some of the best responses ...

My top secret for staying stylish while travelling is to have a day and night "uniform", with a coordinating colour scheme. As you are meeting different people, wearing the same outfit often doesn't pose a problem.

- Barbara Offwood
Pack extra disposable shower caps for countries with lots of creepy crawlies. Then you can cover your shoes so nothing can get in during the night.

- Mee Moi

Take an assortment of brightly coloured light scarves can dress up an outfit and make you look glam.


- Joanne Bell
A lightweight reversible jacket. Buttoned and collared outer for more dressy situations, and zipped inner ready to be turned out for inclement weather.

- David McGuinness

Avoid packing any clothes that require ironing - stick to lightweight layers and add scarves to liven up an outfit. Lay out clothes you think you might take away then eliminate if not co-ordinating colours.

- Diana Rowe
Never, ever take clothes that need ironing - basic!

- Janette Elliott

My top tip for staying stylish while travelling is to roll your clothes when packing your suitcase. You just unroll them at your destination and - hey presto - no creases or folds.

- Viki Heaven
Not a secret but seems to be something quite a few travellers you see who do not seem to have laundered their clothes they are wearing - "grungy" is never "in" as you just look "unwashed" not to mention the "stale" smell. My secret is to have your clothes washed and pressed (if necessary). Find the nearest laundromat if there is one.

- Agnes Dennis


I have my hair cut very short if I am going on a long trip so I just have to wash it and dry it and not worry about hairdryers or other styling tools.

- Denise Hubble
My top secret for staying stylish while travelling is to always listen to my partner and let her dress me.

- Ross Patterson

Secrets of staying stylish whilst travelling:

First of all, one must be comfortable but still look stylish. Colour co-ordinate your wardrobe.

Key pieces to pack in your luggage for travelling:

1. One pair of dark jeans that are comfortable to wear, keep you warm, worn with accessories to make an outfit.

2. One pair of leggings, that can be worn under a dress/ long top with a pair of heels , makes an outfit.

3. One pair of stylish well fitted black dress pants, preferably wrinkle free material.

4. One dress, either black or patterned that will colour co-ordinate with your wardrobe.

5. Jacket , denim or leather - more versatile or robust.

6. Scarf or pashmina, for accessorising and warmth.

7. Soft draped cardigan and a long sleeved top - preferably merino.

8. White or solid black coloured shirt.

9. A couple of good quality T-shirts and or tank tops.

10. Underwear, good quality fitted bras and underwear are a must.

11. Stylish belt as an accessory for your jeans, pants or dress.

12. Statement jewellery, nothing expensive that cant be replaced, that can turn a basic jean and a T-shirt into an out fit. As well as with coordinating with other outfits.

13. Shoes for travelling, something comfortable yet professional, folding flats, also sneakers. One pair of quality heels and sandals are a must.

14. Stylish large leather hand bag, black or brown in colour, matches any outfit and to keep all relevant travel documentation in.

15. One pair of stylish sunglasses, a great cover up if you look tired.

On long haul flights always always pack in your carry on luggage: Toiletries, make up, a pair of yoga pants or sports leggings, underwear, a loose long sleeved jumper or T-shirt. Wear this secondary outfit for the duration of the flight. Roll or fold your stylish clothes up and change back into them prior to landing at your destination ... always looking fresh, wearing stylish un-wrinkled clothing.

Pack the basic essential small travel pack toiletries, including perfume, hair brush, a small bottle of clear eyes liquid and nor forgetting the Panadol. Wear minimal make up initially, pack facial make up removal towelettes, cleanse face, apply new make up, brush the hair ... look and feel like a million dollars.

Other tips for keeping your clothes looking stylish when travelling ...

Small lint roller brush.

A stain stick is handy to keep stains from soaking in until you can wash clothes.

Not all hotels have irons available, a small travel iron is light and takes up minimal space.

Whilst showering hang clothes in bathroom, steam helps take our wrinkles and freshens clothes.

Separate laundry bag to separate dirty from clean if travelling for some time and unable to do laundry at your hotel.

Never wash your dark coloured jeans, they will always look brand new. Sponge marks off.

- Elaine Gorton
I always carry a spray bottle of rose water to splash on my face, chest and neck to freshen up and feel alive again after long trips.

- Corinne Henrikson

I find when travelling, that the secret is to have the nice outer clothes, and a couple of thermals that can be put underneath if it gets cold. That way, lugging huge jackets is not so essential, and the ability to adjust to varied temperatures is much easier.

- Trish Heikoop
Top secret for staying stylish while travelling: Go to a Pacific island and only take beach shorts and T-shirts.

- Craig Young

Always carry a pair of dark glasses in your carry-on luggage, they are a stylish winner when you land and look knackered.

- HL Clarke

Take a look at the locals and copy what they're wearing. Their sense of style is usually better than ours.

- Gary Jarvis

Black is great for hiding the odd spill or dirt mark when doing laundry daily just isn't an option.

- Vanessa Murray
I prefer an over-sized handbag to bum-bags or back-packs, it will make you blend in like a local.

- Samantha Milner

Use packing cells. One for underwear and socks, one for shirts and one for pants. It makes finding an outfit easy as well as packing up your bag as well.

- Tash Leaney
We make sure we have spare room in our suitcases and shop heaps overseas because there so many more stylish options available.

- Rebecca Bailey

Hang up your creased clothes from your backpack next to a hot shower (as most hostels in far off places don't seem to have an iron). As you shower, most of the creases disappear.

- Neil Hassall
It depends on the type of travel being done (city sightseeing or camping/hiking), however my general rules are:

Always wear quality fabrics - the clothes last longer when you have less opportunity to wash them whilst travelling. There's nothing worse than synthetic clothing that doesn't breathe.

Wear great underwear - the fact you know you're wearing awesome bra and knickers can make an otherwise mundane outfit feel great.

I always make an effort with my hair - I can do my long hair many different ways - French knot, braid, twist....

Taking along and wearing some jewellery. A few key, suitable pieces. Just because you're doing a hike doesn't mean you can't wear a nice necklace or bracelet.

I always take many scarves to change my outfits up a little.

- Sarah Langridge

Pack a couple of wire coat hangers. Nothing looks less stylish than crumpled clothes. Just hanging things up at night works wonders on avoiding those creases.

- Howard Clark
My top secret for staying stylish while travelling is rose-scented baby powder. I noticed that soap and deodorant are not a match for backpacking through south-east Asia, so when I started talking to a local teenager on a Cambodian beach, she told me to go buy a pink bottle of baby powder. It's cheap as chips, it keeps you from sweating and staining your clothes, it keeps you smelling fresh, it doubles as dry shampoo and it removes the sand from your body after a day at the beach. I've been back for almost two years now, and I still use it daily.

- Herremans Mithe

Pack a pair of mini hair straighteners. Long-haul flights and other climates can play havoc with frizz-inclined hair. As long as you can tame a few locks you'll feel stylish no matter why you wear.

- Jo Mitchell
Always pack a change of clothes in your carry on.

- Rochelle Armstrong

When I travel I pack neutral colours (white, black and tan) and stuff into my shoes lots of lightweight silk scarves and interesting pendant necklaces to look elegant .

- Priscilla Collins
Firstly, take woollen clothes. They don't crease or smell.

Second, pack all clothes in ziplock bags and remove all the air before sealing them. They pack smaller and each type of clothing is easy to find: underwear in one, running gear in another, T-shirts in another and so on. Also, it means if there's a spill in your bag or - heaven forbid - it's opened by customs, everything stays clean and well packed.

- Heather Milliken
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