What better way to mend a broken heart than with a holiday fling?

A recent report from Expedia suggests New Zealanders are happy to find romance on distant shores.

Nearly one in six respondents (17 per cent) in the unscientific survey said they had booked a holiday following a break-up.

Almost a third (31 per cent) have booked a holiday with the specific intention of looking for love - or, as it's correctly pronounced when discussing holiday flings, a shag.


Expedia's report suggests our otherwise well-hidden extroverted side breaks free on holiday - 65 per cent of respondents said they behaved more extrovertly while on holiday.

They found New Zealanders were more likely to try new food and drink, have a go at new sport or leisure activity and socialise with new people while on holiday.

Makes sense really - what with travel broadening the mind and all that.

But the best bit comes when we return home open to new experiences.

And as for those holiday romances - summer lovin' doesn't always work out as well as it did for Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson. So be careful who you mingle with.