Here are some of the weirdest, spookiest and downright embarrassing things that have been left in rental cars, thanks to Car Hire X.

It's all too easy to leave things behind in your rental car. The mad dash to return it after finding a petrol station because you've not pre-paid to leave your tank empty (you're too smart for that), then the guy with the digital clipboard comes and before you know it your hand luggage is in shopping bags and you're trying to make your way the airport check in deck dragging everything with you. Unless you are these people.

Yes, a full size skeleton was found in the boot of a Toyota Camry in Seattle by a rental car employee (who is probably still in counselling). It turns out it was a classroom training skeleton but was in the boot to be used as a prop for a school play. Consequently it was dressed in shabby clothes and looked for all accounts to be a murder victim.

Diamond ring
Hidden in a chocolate box, no less. The cleaner was all set to biff the box but for some reason decided to open the lid to take a quick peek. It was full except for the centre chocolate that was gone and in its place was a diamond ring. No word on whether she said yes.

Glass eye
Found rolling on the floor of an estate car in England, this was no marble. And sadly it was not claimed by either the person returning the car nor the one before that. I guess they're still looking for it. (See what I did there?)


Left like a dead ferret on the console between the back seats, this piece of thatched hair was found in a Renault in Birmingham and did not apparently belong to the guy who'd just returned the car. Sure it didn't.

Mud Wrestling trophy
The mind boggles for so many reasons. The runner up of the Mississippi State Mud Wrestling Championship left their prized trophy in the car. On purpose, you think? I bet they won't be telling their friends this part of the story.