The sex appeal that comes with being a traveller in a foreign country might be an unexplained factor in so many Kiwis moving to Australia.

A new survey has found that of the characteristics Australians find most attractive in a potential date, being a traveller is at the top.

Latest population statistics show 1000 New Zealanders are making the move across the Tasman each week.

Many are in search of higher wages and a better standard of living - two things the reality TV show The GC has tried to capture.


But it is perhaps one of the other qualities of the show focuses on that could be the clinching factor for some: love.

A survey for travel agency Intrepid asked more than 880 singles on an Australian dating website what they looked for in a potential mate.

More than half of those polled said being a traveller was the most attractive trait.

"The attitudes of singles show that a by-product of travel is that it adds to your sex appeal," said Intrepid spokeswoman Jo Stewart.

"Travellers are generally considered curious about the world, open-minded and adventurous - all of which are attractive qualities."

Daring travellers were said to be the most alluring, with 23 per cent of respondents nominating adventure seekers as the most attractive, followed closely by the off-the-beaten track traveller and the cultural connoisseur.

Almost all who were surveyed (96 per cent) said they were looking for someone who shared their passion for seeing the world.

"We know that when looking for a partner, shared interests and lifestyle goals are very important," said Melanie Dudgeon, spokeswoman for dating website RSVP.


"Many singles hope to travel and explore the world with a partner and this is why a common interest in travel is important to such a large majority. Our 'travel bug' group is one of RSVP's largest as it helps 25,000 like-minded travel lovers connect online."

The survey also found almost half of those questioned admitted to a holiday romance.