This handy mini disposable toothbrush is perfect for those on the go and sits in the category of "why didn't anyone think of that before" products.

Unlike many airline toothbrush sets, with their wire-hard brushes and fiddly paste dispensers, this is a clever all-in-one device. With soft bristles and a little bead that dispenses a breath freshening toothpaste, you can use it without water.

There's also a handy pick at the handle-end of the brush. Just the ticket when you're stuck in your airline seat or don't trust the local water supply.

At just 9cm long for a cardboard sleeve containing four mini brushes, the Wisp will easily fit in your carry-on luggage or handbag. Just remember to put it in your see-through plastic toiletries bag for international flights.

In peppermint and spearmint flavours, available now from supermarkets.

* Colgate Wisp $3.49 for a 4-pack or $5.99 for 8.