Key Points:

Do you travel light or heavy?

I am getting better at travelling light. I envy people who can go away for a week with just carry-on.

Cattle or first class?


With the new layout of Air NZ, economy for three hours is fine. Definitely Business Class for long haul - it's the difference between looking forward to a flight and arriving comfortably, or dreading it for days, and being terribly jetlagged for at least two days after arrival.

I can't travel without...

My Zune, noise-cancelling headphones, earplugs and sleeping pills.

What's the best thing you've brought home?

Not to sound twee, but a better appreciation of New Zealand. There are plenty of places in the world I'd love to live for a while, but NZ is home.

Favourite or most exciting airport to land in?

Changi Airport, Singapore. It's amazingly efficient. Touch-down to cab in 15 minutes? Outstanding.

Best travel tip?


Drink water and take antioxidants. They really help deal with the rubbish you get in your system from flying. Oh, and the sleeping pills that say take one and no alcohol? I say take two and half and a bottle of red works a treat.

Most memorable trip?

I used to attend a conference in LA called E3, during May every year. I could fly out of LA on a Friday night, and my wife would leave Auckland on the Saturday morning, and we would arrive in Honolulu within 30 minutes of each other. Ten days of sun, surfing and relaxation. Brilliant.

Frazer Scott is the Business Director, Entertainment & Devices Division, of Microsoft New Zealand.