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Friday catch-up: What you missed in Travel this week

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Missed the big stories in Herald Travel this week? We've got you covered with a wrap of the best travel inspiration, traveller tales and top stories making news.

Cover story: Mongolia

Here's one to read over a cuppa - Jason Walls' experience with the eagle hunters of Mongolia.

"The eagle hunters themselves are dressed head-to-toe in the pelts of their kills, sporting exceptional hats and coats found in no other part of the world," writes Walls. "Although the practice of eagle hunting is more traditional than practical now, the hunters of the region are still revered and are among the most eligible bachelors in the area."

Jason Walls visited the eagle hunters of Mongolia. Photo / Werner Van Steen, Getty Images
Jason Walls visited the eagle hunters of Mongolia. Photo / Werner Van Steen, Getty Images

On that note, Walls got the unique honour of meeting a man crowned 'hottest guy in Mongolia', a 20-something man named Jinsbek and a bit of a local celebrity.

Walls had also hoped for a sighting of one of the rarest animals in the world, the snow leopard, but had to be content with a group of ibex instead.

Listen to: Trip Notes with Tami Neilson

The first episode of the new season of Trip Notes is out this week, featuring country music star Tami Neilson.

She spoke to Travel's editor Stephanie Holmes and journalist Juliette Sivertsen about her top travel tips, the items she never leaves home without, and all about exploring the city of Nashville, Tennessee.

Tami Neilson shares her top tips for visiting Music City in this week's Trip Notes podcast. Photo / Supplied
Tami Neilson shares her top tips for visiting Music City in this week's Trip Notes podcast. Photo / Supplied

"Nashville, in a nutshell, it feels like family and it does feel like a really intimate gathering," she said in the interview. "So many magical things happen in Nashville and the artists and musicians are so accessible.

Inspiration for your next trip: Savusavu, Fiji

Writer Shandelle Battersby brought us right into the moment with her experience of night snorkelling off Fiji's Savasi Island.

"It takes a lot of trust to snorkel in unknown waters after dark, especially for someone who wears spectacles and has a morbid fear of eels," Battersby writes.

Savasi Island Resort, Fiji. Photo / Supplied
Savasi Island Resort, Fiji. Photo / Supplied

Just outside of Savusavu, Savasi Island Resort is located in a largely untouched part of Fiji, known for its "hot springs, pearl farming, dive sites in its deep, blue bays and its towering, tropical rainforest-clad peaks."

Watch the video: How to make a meal on a plane

Wondering what story was about the $40,000 olive and the flying lobster?

Our writer Thomas Bywater went behind the scenes to learn about what goes into making the meals that get served on your flight.

Bywater sampled Singapore Airlines 'Book the Cook' meal service where you can order your gourmet meal in advance before your flight, which ultimately reduces food wastage.

As for the $40,000 olive headline - it was a reference to a penny-pinching decision by American Airlines in the 80s. Chair Robert Lloyd Bob Crandall claimed that jettisoning the olives from every First Class salad would save the airline a fortunate in fuel and resources.

Best travel tip of the week

Are you a folder or roller? Lightweight traveller or pack-it-till-it-bursts?

Jill Paider is travelling photographer, author and a packing champion. She's the Mary Poppins of travel, making her way around 91 countries with only her carry-on luggage.

Enjoy the debate: to recline or not to recline?

A story which always divides the internet is the perennial favourite of whether you should be allowed to recline your seat while flying.

A video went viral last week on social media after a woman filmed the man behind her repeatedly punching the back of her chair after she had reclined. The story grew some serious legs, with initial talk about plane etiquette transforming into a wider debate regarding sexism and male entitlement.

And the story still keeps giving, as the woman who recorded the ordeal contemplates legal action against her mid-flight nemesis and the airline.

Further on the topic of travel etiquette, a thread on Reddit garnered hundreds of responses on what people hate the most about other travellers.

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