Dreaming of leaving the rat race and move to an Emerald isle with a friend or significant other? Here's your excuse, as if you needed one:

The rugged Great Blasket Island off the coast of Ireland's County Kerry has posted a "unique" opportunity this week. The tourism centre has advertised for "a couple or two friends" to come and manage the small island's tourism accommodation and only coffee shop.

Food and accommodation is provided for you both.

However, this might be the limit of the conveniences you'll find on the island which measures just under 5 square kilometres.


There is no electricity or hot water on the island. Nor is there any internet.

Any mention of a salary is also missing from the enigmatic job listing.

However for the right couple this eight-month digital detox might be just what you're after.

"A unique position required - looking for long term management of Island Accommodation and Coffee Shop. Couple or two friends. 1st April 2020 - October 2020 accommodation and food provided," was the job outline advertised via twitter. (One presumes there might be quite a wait for a response, from an island without internet.)

Great Blasket is the largest of the Blasket islands. The wild archipelago is known for its dramatic rock promontories and spectacular wildlife.

Ghost town: Most of Great Blasket Island's crofters have long since left. Photo / 123RF
Ghost town: Most of Great Blasket Island's crofters have long since left. Photo / 123RF

For applicants with a book project to finish, the island has produced a number of renowned writers. Notably Thomas O'Crohan's The Islander was written here. However, you might have to do everything longhand, without the power to run a word processor.

The ruins of crofts are littered throughout the island and the population has shrunk dramatically over the years. In 2009, travel writer Rick Steves said Blasket was now "little more than a ghost town overrun with rabbits on a peaceful, grassy, three-mile-long poem."

Though over the last 10 years the hostel and café have re-opened, to provide shelter for tourists drawn to the wild island.

There are only around 160 residents on Great Blasket, though its remoteness has made it popular with tourists.


There are just three boats a day from Dingle Town.

For more information you and your friend can contact Alice@greatblasketisland.net