Ferry operator Fullers will change its ticketing system to stop the display of personal details of passengers.

Commuters into Auckland were concerned by the full names and photos of monthly pass holders were being displayed on screen as they passed through the ticketing booth, visible to other passengers and staff until the next ticket is scanned.

Passengers spoken to by the Herald on Sunday said the system was a breach of privacy.

Mother-of-two Ann Maree Jago was pleased her details would no longer be displayed.


"With social media and the internet, you can find out anything about a person if you have their name," Jago said.

"It is unnecessary to have that detail on the screen."

Another ferry user who did not want to be named, was shocked to see her name and photo and told staff she wasn't comfortable.

"You would hope someone dodgy wasn't looking over your shoulder but you never know, there are some weirdos out there."

Maree Peterson from Fullers Group said the ferry company had received several complaints and had reviewed the system.

"We had some feedback on our Facebook page and a couple of calls and will now only have the passenger's photo on screen," Paterson said.

A spokeperson from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner said displaying a person's name and photo without their permission could raise issues under the Privacy Act.