Sky Television won't abandon its online streaming service despite the high profile problems during Tuesday's NBA match between Steven Adams' Oklahoma Thunder and the Golden State Warriors.

Company chief John Fellet told Newstalk ZB's Mike Hosking Breakfast this morning that Sky Go was used by a fraction of subscribers, but makes up the majority of the complaints he receives.

"It's 1 per cent of our viewership and 99 per cent of my social media comments so it would be an easy solution to just say 'okay we're not doing it anymore.' But, when we interview subscribers they say its the thing they like best about Sky," Fellet said.

Fellet said Tuesday's problem was not due to a surge of users trying to access the service, but was caused by a database failure.


"It wasn't that Sky Go failed because of too many people coming on. We had 400 on at the time and those people were unaffected by any problems on Sky Go."

He said 8000 people used the service to watch State of Origin and the French Open last night without issues.

The database failure occurred when people who had used the service were not being signed off automatically and new users couldn't be signed in.

Fellet said taking live streams and delivering them to users was one of the hardest things a media service could do.