Jonathan Wedge and Kurt Johnston have hit Tinder after being jilted by Bachelorettes Lesina Nakhid-Schuster and Lily McManus.

Since being left without a rose, both gents have sought love on the dating app, hoping the right kind of swipe will serve up what reality TV did not.

Wedge has his TVNZ Bachelor status proudly showing on his profile.

"It's different being back on the online dating world now because of The Bachelorette," Wedge tells Spy.


The Auckland designer says he gets heaps of matches and most people ask questions about the show.

Wedge is yet to find someone, but assures us his time will come. Remember, Nakhid-Schuster cried when he left, so there is something about Jono?

Business development manager Johnston, also from Auckland, was less positive about hitting Tinder after exiting the show.

"I had recently decided to venture back into the world of online dating for the first time since filming. However, after a week of on-and-off use, I felt the need to deactivate and delete my profiles to continue to focus on myself. I hope to meet someone 'organically' when the time is right."

Johnston, who lost an amazing 59kg over three years before he went on the show, has continued his fitness journey.

Last week the usually shy guy got out of his comfort zone and found a few swipes that worked for him by stepping in the boxing ring.