Radio star Megan Papas will front Glow Up — TVNZ's latest foray into reality shows.

The styling show is like a Project Runway for makeup experts. It was inspired by the phrase that has become a social media phenomenon, #glowup, with the whole concept being about more than a physical make-over.

The BBC programme will be "Kiwified" with the help of ZM's 34-year-old host. Papas has always been a make-up fanatic and has evolved her style from a young age.

"I remember being 10, and putting on this horrendous purpley-blue metallic eyeshadow to go to school. I thought I was so chic and mature," says Papas.


But such an early start in changing her look wasn't about being insecure about how she looked, or trying to be prettier, says Papas - it was just a way of her expressing herself.

Aided by two mentors, she will help contestants explore their own creativity in a bid to come out on top. Each week, the artists will be scored on their creations, with the winner taking home a life-changing chance to work alongside a leading makeup artist.

"The whole concept of the show is much more than a physical make-over. It reflects a unique, personal change that takes place as young people gain the confidence to be comfortable in themselves — their physical appearance, individual style, overall maturity and sexuality," Papas said.

The show's mentors will be established makeup artists.

Papas is a fan of YouTube make-up artist Shannon Harris (Shaaanxo) and it's our bet Shaaanxo will get the call up. Another on the radar is Gee Pikinga - it would be his second round of reality television. The Maybelline NZ makeup director was on Project Runway New Zealand last year.

Other contenders include Instagram star Kris Fox, weatherman Jim Hickey's daughter Sally Jo Hickey, and Grayson Coutts, son of America's Cup sailor Russell Coutts.

"The makeup artists get a chance to showcase their talents and prove that it's about more than just foundation and some lippy," says Papas.

The OnDemand show joins TVNZ's stable which includes Boss Babes and House of Drag.