Beloved TV presenter Samantha Hayes has revealed her baby's gender and is excited to announce, it's a boy!

Speaking to Woman's Day magazine, Hayes said her partner Jeroen Blaauw - who goes by Jay - was "so excited" about the news, "he was giving me high fives".

She said she can't wait to meet her son, who is due in Spring, saying; "I talk to him all the time in my tummy and I definitely feel a bond already.

Hayes' life has been something of a whirlwind this past year, ever since she starred on - and ultimately won - Dancing With the Stars.


She made her post-show struggle public, speaking about how it left her "drained".

She told the Herald; "The come down after dancing live on TV each week was tough. I was physically and emotionally drained and took a couple of months to get back to my usual happy self. I took up mountain climbing which has helped a lot."

She met Jay four years ago whilst travelling in Brazil, but the pair didn't take their friendship to the next level until one such mountain climbing trip - an effort to climb Mount Aconcagua in the Andes.

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Well I didn’t make it to the summit of Mt Aconcagua 6,962m and I’m still coming to terms with that, but I did get to 6,700m before the altitude and cold got the better of me. Nevertheless, it was an extraordinary day. We woke at 3am for breakfast and to prepare, setting off at 5am under the stars, huffing and puffing as the sun appeared and tried in vain to warm us. We trudged headfirst into winds which succeeded in pushing us around. Used hand warmers and massive mittens to try and keep some feeling in our fingers in -30C and colder. I saw members of my group with the first stages of frost bite on their faces and hands and a determination to get up the mountain which was breathtaking. In the end I was shaking and spent, breathing so hard I was hyperventilating. The night before our guide checked my oxygen saturation at 6,000m and it was between 55-67. In hospital they put you on oxygen if it’s below 95! I just wasn’t getting enough air to keep going. Turning back was a horrible decision to make, but I knew I also needed enough energy to get back to camp safely. One member of our group made it all the way up and I’m so proud of him. Keith said it’s the hardest thing he’s ever done. I’m told of the 60 people attempting to summit fewer than ten made it that day which makes his success even sweeter. My legs are jelly but my heart is full. It feels great to have attempted a challenge like this even if the mountain won. #aconcagua #sevensummits #argentina #mountains #hiking #camping #travel #adventure

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Hayes found out she was pregnant upon their return home and says it was "very much a happy surprise".

"I'm 35 now and it's definitely the right time for me to have a baby. I feel extremely lucky that it's come along."