It's been just over two months since Max Key bid farewell to New Zealand, heading off on the "adventure of a lifetime".

Since then, he's photographed his way around most of North America, taking selfies of himself everywhere from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe (where he struck a chilly pose in the snow wearing nothing but his undies).

Along the way, he's hit up Beverly Hills and Coachella, and even found his way to the Bahamas' famous Pig Beach - as featured in Netflix's Fyre documentary.

But last week, the DJ and son of former Prime Minister John Key fulfilled a life long goal, when he found himself at the NBA Finals in Toronto.


According to Key, a close friend treated him to the ticket after Key changed his flight to Europe.

"A good friend of mine called me and told me if I changed my flight to Europe he'd buy me a ticket to game 1 of the NBA finals, a life long dream of mine! I literally couldn't wipe the smile off my face the entire game," he posted on Instagram.

"I've been to some amazing sporting matches in my life, but the atmosphere in the stadium was second to none and was so electrifying and exciting to be a part of."

Key spent the weekend in Las Vegas ahead of the next leg of his grand tour, which will see him take on Europe.