Rose Matafeo has made her US television debut with a stand-up set on the US talk show Conan, hosted by late-night legend Conan O'Brien.

Matafeo performed a set in which she discussed why it was a "tough year to be a straight woman".

"It's absolutely devastating to be honest because it's the worst of all of them," she jokes.

"It's the worst gender/sexuality combination I think you can get. It's the one that reflects the poorest decision making skills out there.


"What that means is that given all of the options in the world, we still went for dudes. What? How do we defend that choice, especially at a time like this?

"To still like dudes in 2019, it almost feels like trying to recommend a restaurant that has given you food poisoning eight times."

Before her set, Matafeo posted a photo of herself by her dressing room, posing in a "two piece matching knit outfit".

Matafeo's set has been met with praise back home in New Zealand and abroad, with one US viewer saying he "loved" the Kiwi star's set.