Former world heavyweight champion Joseph Parker has given a hint of what a career after boxing might look like.

Parker's been preparing for a week behind the radio mic as co-host of Flava's Breakfast show.

The NZME radio network relaunched its music offering recently, now focusing its playlist on "old school" hip hop and RnB.

To support the music revamp, Flava bosses have been inviting special guests to host weekly breakfast slots with Stan Walker, Sol3 Mio and King Kapisi hosting shows so far – much to the delight of fans already enamoured with the "old school" hits Flava's playing.


Parker spent a couple of hours in the Flava studio on Friday with co-host and Celebrity Treasure Island star Athena Angelou.

Parker said he was surprised to find out how much is involved in hosting a radio show and admitted feeling a little nervous ahead of the real deal next week on Flava Breakfast.

"The Flava team's been great, they've kept me relaxed and calm and been guiding me through what needs to be done," Parker said.

Heavyweight boxer Joseph Parker recreates iconic Superbad scene. Video / Joseph Parker via Twitter

"There's a lot more to it than what you just hear on the radio, there's a lot of organising, lots of things written down, it's great to get an insight into just how much is involved," said Parker.

Parker's another convert to the new Flava "old school" music, revealing his favourite track is the 1986 Prince hit Kiss.

"I just love the beat," said Parker before rattling off an on-air tag line "I love old school 70s, 80s, 90, and today!".

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And as for a post-boxing career? Hosting a radio show might just be an option.

"It's a long way off for sure, but after boxing I want to try many things, like acting and if there's an opportunity to do something like host a radio show, this experience on Flava is a great opportunity."

* Flava Breakfast with Joe Parker and Athena Angelou - Monday from 6am Auckland 95.8FM; Rotorua 89.5FM; Dunedin 106.2FM and on iHeartRadio.