NRL commentator and former coach Phil Gould has been linked to a role at the New Zealand Warriors.

The Australian newspaper reports the Warriors are in talks with Gould about "taking on a consultancy role with the club aimed at helping them rediscover their mojo".

The Warriors are currently on the search for a new head coach after sacking Stephen Kearney. Interim head coach Todd Payten pulled out of the running after being offered the role.

Earlier this season, Gould blasted the Auckland club saying the Warriors should be in the top four every year but face another 25 years of pain.


In June a fan on Twitter asked Gould, who won two titles as a coach, how he would help the Warriors turn things around.

"After 25 years, the Warriors really should be the strongest club in the NRL. Should be regular top 4. It's a whole country. Unless someone starts now, we will be saying the same thing in another 25 years," Gould tweeted.

It's not the first time Gould has shared his views on the Warriors' progress since their inaugural season in 1995.

Two years ago when the club won their first five games to start the season, Gould told Channel 9 that it was finally the changing of the Warriors.

"When people ask you every year how the Warriors are going to do, you sort of smirk a little bit and say 'Oh yeah, they've got potential if they got themselves fit and got themselves organised and learn the game a little bit better," Gould said at the time.

Phil Gould passes on some tips to the league players at Whangarei Boys' High school.
Phil Gould passes on some tips to the league players at Whangarei Boys' High school.

"This is what we feared the Warriors could be. Now if this goes on to be a part of the culture of the club for the next 10 years, they could produce anything. Absolutely anything. And what they've done is wasted the last 25 years, or however how long they've been in the competition because they've never got their heads around what really needed to be done. "

Following that dream start to the 2018 season, the Warriors finished eighth before losing their first playoff appearance since 2011.