Kiwi Supercars champion Scott McLaughlin has been forced to re-list an auction to raise money for the Australian bushfire relief after a winning bidder didn't stump up the cash.

McLaughlin auctioned off a helmet worn in the 2017 Supercars season.

"Sometimes when you try do something nice, it doesn't end well, but determined to make sure we get a good outcome for this!," McLaughlin said on Twitter.

"Unfortunately when the auction closed, the winner bidder told me they couldn't proceed with their bid.


"It was really disappointing and there's been a bit of back and forth since then and I've decided to put the items up for re-auction with Pickles Auctions."

McLaughlin wore the helmet in the 2017 season for five race wins and six podium finishes. The current bid is at AU$8,100.

"When I was in Adelaide a few weeks ago I saw some of the devastation first hand and it was really confronting, right on the back door of where we are racing this weekend. So to do our bit for Adelaide and the local area when they embrace us so much for the A500 every year, I've decided 100 per cent of the process from this re-auction will be donated to the Kangaroo Island Relief Fund and Wires," he said.