So when are we getting our new All Black coach?

Have the two finalists even had their interviews yet?

And is it more than just one interview?


Spread over a couple of days maybe?

Or all on in one long hit?

And how long is too long?

Do the assistants and running mates also have to speak and present?

Where exactly?

Because let's presume these interviews are not happening at NZR HQ in Wellington, have to be somewhere far more discreet you'd think?

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Is it like any normal job interview in that you're meant to go in with lots of interesting questions to ask?


Can you have such a thing as a bad interview?

And is that even worth judging the candidates on given that their job is to be an expert at coaching the All Blacks as opposed to presenting Power Points?

How often did each of them practice their spiel?

And is it an aural, written and visual presentation?

Is there a handout, a dossier to takeaway, a hard drive perhaps with the full shebang contained within?

What say you're really nervous first time up, do you get a second chance?

Should you?

How does the panel actually decide?

Ian Foster. Photo / Photosport
Ian Foster. Photo / Photosport

Do they have score sheets to fill out at the time?

And is it decision by democratic majority or does it have to be unanimous?

How long exactly does the panel get to debate and decide?

Is it by secret ballot or do they openly discuss anything and everything?

What does everyone wear to something like this?

We all presume formal suits sombre in colour, or is it more like smart casual?

Has either coach thought of or tried something way weird like the clown at the redundancy or are gimmicks strictly out?

Is there a disputes resolution process available if the loser wants to appeal?

And do all five panellists get to ask questions or is there a general chair it all goes through?

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Is the unsuccessful candidate allowed to know why?

How extensive is that discussion?

If the panel decides on Person A but think Person B has a whole heap of really good ideas can they, will they, pass them over to the winner for the ultimate good of NZ rugby?

Would they tell the losing person about this, you'd think they'd be obliged to?

Who gets to go first or got to go first if it's already been and done?

And how is that order established?

Short straws, alphabetical, were they asked or just told?

If it does go to Razor, what then for the Crusaders?

Do the original 26 then get asked to apply for that job or would it just get given to Ian Foster?

And finally after all this is said and done can we all please agree to tie a bow around the sport and just forget about rugby til at least 2020?

Because even though he'd never say it, I reckon even the new guy will be wanting a break
won't he?