Warriors boss Cameron George has delivered an expletive-laden speech to his players in an attempt to rally the team ahead of the 2020 NRL season.

In the Warriors' new online mini-series 'All In', which documents the team's off-season, George is filmed speaking to players and staff in an impassioned speech, claiming that everyone is against them.

"Everyone is against us, everyone," he said.

"Everything comes back to us. Somewhere along the way we will be in the trenches, sometime everyone will be out at the front gate throwing stones at us, but we're going to look after ourselves internally."


George went on further to urge the team to "prove people wrong" and even referenced the Warriors' widely ridiculed Wellington jersey which was released this year.

"We even put a f***ing jumper up (online) and everyone in Australia and New Zealand made fun of us and takes the piss out of us," he said.

"Well f*** it. Let's put that s*** aside, do it for our fans, they're the most important part of this. And let's do it for ourselves.

Warriors CEO Cameron George. Photo / Photosport
Warriors CEO Cameron George. Photo / Photosport

"Let's prove people wrong. Everyone has to put they're hand up. I want to hear voices, people being loud and if you're struggling with anything at all, say something and let's fix it.

"We have to be all in it and if there's even one fraction that breaks off, you can piss off.

"All I'm asking is that we improve, that's not much to ask, and if we do that as a club I know we will have a better season than we did last year."

The Warriors slid back down to 13th in the NRL ladder this year after finishing in the top eight for the first time in seven season in 2018.

They will kick off their 2020 NRL campaign away to the Newcastle Knights in March.