Stuck for ideas on what jersey to buy a Warriors fan this Christmas?

Your decision might be made easier - or $170 lighter - by ruling out one of their new 2020 season strips.

The 2020 Warriors 'Kiwi Bushshirt Jersey' was released as part of the team's new range of jerseys available for purchase.

The jersey is billed as a special strip in Wellington colours, and will be worn as a one-off, when the Warriors take on the North Queensland Cowboys in Wellington on June 27.


The Warriors described the kit as being "decked out in traditional Wellington colours of yellow and black, with inspiration from the Kiwi bush shirt," but the jersey has quickly received a not-so-positive reaction from fans online.

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Described on the site as a "design set to turn heads," the jersey features a yellow and black flannel pattern with Warriors branding across the top and on the sleeves.

The jersey hasn't been received well by fans, with many slamming the design as "ugly" and a "joke" on social media.

"Just like the team's performance last year....this has to be some sort of joke....Please," one fan wrote on Twitter.

"This is the ugliest thing I've ever seen," posted another.

While the new jersey has been dubbed as the "worst ever made," it's not the first time the Warriors have released a controversial design.

Their 2000 home and 2001-2002 away jersey is widely remembered for all the wrong reasons, while their 2016 Nines "Spirit of the Warrior" strip also failed to hit the mark.

The Warriors' 2000 Home, 2001-2002 Away jersey.
The Warriors' 2000 Home, 2001-2002 Away jersey.
The Warriors' 2016 Nines
The Warriors' 2016 Nines "Spirit of the Warrior" jersey.

However, the Warriors had more success unveiling their Indigenous jersey for 2020, with fans responding well to the design which "pays respect to the tangata whenua of New Zealand, as well as Indigenous Australians and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and the spiritual connection that binds them together as people of the land."

And, in true Warriors fashion, there are still more special edition jerseys to come, with their ANZAC Day jersey for their clash against the Melbourne Storm still to be revealed.