Fancy yourself a rugby know-it-all?

Noticed something the Herald's rugby experts might have missed?

Wish you could share your thoughts on how the All Blacks went?

Now you can.


For the first time, Kiwi rugby fans have the ability to rate every All Black's performance during and after every match of the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan.

With our new interactive tool My All Blacks Ratings, you can have your say in real-time with every thrill and spill - being able to rate every player's performance between 1 and 10 on your computer, mobile phone or other device.

Click here to check out the ratings tool

What's even better, is that you can compare your ratings with that of the Herald's rugby experts and share your ratings on Facebook and Twitter as soon as the final whistle blows.

It's easy as…

Simply look out for the My All Blacks Ratings tool on shortly before the start of Wednesday's World Cup Pool B clash against Canada.

With the easy to use slider, simply increase or decrease a player's score – as they perform well or not.

Reserves will be added to the game as they take the field and any yellow or red cards will be indicated with a coloured circle around a player's picture.


Once you're happy with your ratings, hit the "submit" button to see how your ratings compare with the official Herald ratings and those of other users.

You can submit your ratings at any stage of the match – and you can go back to change your ratings at any time by clicking the "change ratings" button.

Or, you could click on the "share ratings" button to post your ratings to your Facebook timeline or on Twitter.

This is what the post on your timeline will look like:

It's that easy. Go to, look for the My All Blacks Ratings tool shortly before kickoff at 11.15pm to join in the debate.

"The Herald's player ratings have been a big hit with our audience for a number of years, and with Kiwi rugby fans probably the most knowledgable in the world this often leads to some fierce debate," said NZME's Head of Sport Eduan Roos.

"With My All Blacks Ratings, we hope to further stimulate discussion around the country's favourite sport - and to bring fans even closer to the action."

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