Two key meetings in the next two days will have a pivotal role in the outcome of ongoing Warriors ownership saga.

On Wednesday night the Auckland Rugby League (ARL) has a board meeting scheduled, with the situation around the NRL club at the top of the agenda.

The ARL are the sole beneficiaries of the Carlaw Heritage Trust (CHT), which took a 67 per cent stake in the Warriors last April, with Autex Industries as majority shareholder (33 per cent).

As revealed in the Herald on Sunday, that joint venture has essentially collapsed. There are key differences of opinion across the table, which are seen as irreconcilable.


The ARL board will also be discussing the latest developments with the CHT, who will be invited to their Beasley Ave headquarters.

The outcomes from Wednesday night will frame the ARL's position ahead of what could be a fractious meeting with all 32 Auckland clubs on Thursday night.

While the CHT board will have the final say, they will need to follow the mandate from the clubs, and there is unlikely to be an appetite to continue with the venture of the trust owning the Warriors.

That will leave Autex in a position to become sole owners, but the sticking point will be the value of the shareholding, as the Autex buyout offer is significantly different to the amount that CHT for their majority share last April.

On Tuesday morning Warriors chairman Rob Croot and CEO Cameron George convened a special meeting to update the staff and players about the situation.

"It's not without its challenges but we have fantastic staff and players," said George. "It's business as usual and where they land and when they land will remain amongst [the board]. I just hope for the sake of us and our fans that they get sorted out sooner rather than later."

George maintained that no operational matters, including recruitment, will be put on hold while the shareholder discussions continue.

"We can't sit on our hands, we've got a footy club to run," affirmed George.


George has also kept NRL CEO Todd Greenberg informed of the events as they have unfolded, as well as other key stakeholders and was positive that the impact on the playing group over the last few months had been minimal.

"We have a responsible and professional group of players and staff," said George. "They have a job to do and they do it. When they are making those tackles I'm sure they are not thinking of the ownership stuff…it doesn't impact on them too much."
"We have done our best to keep it away from staff and players, and the board have done a pretty good job [in that regard] as well."

Halfback Blake Green echoed those sentiments.

"We got updated on the issue," said Green. "It's out of our control and it will all take care of itself. The sooner it happens the better [as] no one likes those messy situations out in the public

"[But] It doesn't have an impact with how we go. We don't have any interaction with what goes on up top, we train and see the coaches and the players."

"You have probably seen, we have some bigger problems to worry about rather than ownership, we just need to worry about putting in a good performance this weekend."