Follow live as the Black Caps take on England in the final of the Cricket World Cup.

Former Black Caps captain Daniel Vettori revealed what he believes has set the current New Zealand side apart in the 2019 Cricket World Cup.

Writing in a column for ESPN Cricinfo, Vettori said New Zealand's ability to adjust to the varying conditions of the tournament had been a key driving force behind their success.

"The ability to understand conditions is, more than anything else, what sets this New Zealand team apart. They just read situations well," Vettori wrote.


"They're not confined to one style of play. They adapt, and figure things out on the fly. That's a sign of a good team."

Hoping the Black Caps can go one better than the last World Cup when they fell short to Australia in the final, Vettori credited captain Kane Williamson for instilling a culture of adaptability.

"When you look at Kane's captaincy, I think the team has been shaped in his image - pretty low-key and humble.

"When you're in a tough situation, he's about understanding and figuring out how they can work through it. I think that's the main thing that he has brought to this team: having a game plan to get them out of trouble … He will remain calm, he will see the big picture rather than panicking in the moment.

"The way Kane goes about things, it's not about 'I'm aggressive today' or 'I'm defensive today'. He just sums up the situation: 'This is what we've got to do to win the game'. And that permeates through the team."

Vettori expects New Zealand to follow that same style of having no set-in-stone plan of attack against England.

"It will be about gaining information. Once again it comes down to the pragmatic question: How are we going to win the game? It will be about reading conditions," wrote Vettori.

"It seems almost boring, but I think that's the right way to go about it, and probably the way they will go about it."


The Black Caps will play England in the Cricket World Cup grand final at 9.30pm tonight.