New South Wales coach Brad Fittler was left looking like a genius as NSW humiliated Queensland 38-6 in a history-making thumping in Perth.

Maroons' coach Kevin Walters was left looking like a broken man.

The Queensland mentor broke his own golden rule of refusing to mention the opposition this campaign after admitting his team was bullied off the park in Perth.

The clearly frustrated coach lost all sense of decorum as he made no attempt to hide his temper — or his foul language — in his post match press conference.


Walters said he was angry right from the start of the game when his team failed to set-up properly from the kick-off.

"We were comprehensively outplayed tonight," Walters said.

"From the kick-off … they wanted it more than us and they got the right rewards.

"Origin's won on attitude and effort, and we didn't match them in any areas there tonight.

"I was surprised and disappointed, too.

"We were poor in a lot of areas tonight. I'm not going to single out one player.

"Even our kick-off to start the game was s***."

Having already sworn once, Walters appeared to decide to go all in and let his players know exactly how furious he is.


"It f***ing p***ed me off," Walters said of the kick-off mistakes.

"I think that's being kind," he fired.

"Right from the kick off, they beat us up, even that (kick-off) f***ing pissed me off.

"It didn't go long enough, it didn't go far enough, that just summed up the whole game."