Fight fundraiser with fundraiser.

New Zealand AIDS Foundation has launched a fundraising campaign in response to Israel Folau's controversial GoFundMe campaign.

It's a bit less ambitious than the disgraced rugby star who is attempting to raise AU$3m to help with legal fees to fight for his job with Rugby Australia after his contract was terminated for sharing an Instagram post which condemned homosexuals to hell.

A fundraiser which has been listed by the New Zealand AIDS Foundation is seeking $10 to help create a rainbow coloured rugby ball gag for the Australian.


"So, Izzy wants $3million to help pay his legal fees. Mmmmmmkay..." the Go-Fund-Me page reads.

"Now that we've got your attention, let's undo some of the harm Israel Folau is causing. The words coming from Folau's mouth causes irreversible harm - including contributing to one of the highest youth suicide rates in the OECD, and encouraging the transmission of HIV among people who are afraid to learn about safe ways to explore their sexuality,"

"We want your help to fund a ball gag. Yip. A big, gay, rugby ball shaped, rainbow coloured, weirdly sexy ball gag - just like the one in the photo.

"To be honest, it might be the only way to shut him up.

"We don't really need much cash to build this - but anything over what we need we'll give it LGBTQI+ organisations, like OutLine and Rainbow Youth.

"Consider this a donation from the rainbow community, Izzy."

The campaign had a small goal of $10 which has already been reached, sitting at more than $300.

Donations in support of Folau's GoFundMe campaign continued to flood in overnight as the controversial former Wallabies star edges closer towards raising one million dollars.


After having his $4 million Rugby Australia contract terminated in May after a post he made on social media citing the Bible was deemed homophobic, Folau launched the page to raise money for legal costs in his bid for reinstatement.

In less than four days, Folau has raised more than AU$750,000 from almost 10,000 supporters' donations.

Overnight alone, Folau's campaign raised more than AU$11,500 with some individuals contributing as much as AU$1,000.

The spike in donations comes despite reports Folau has a property portfolio worth close to $7 million across NSW and Queensland which had prompted a sharp backlash.

"From our perspective (Go Fund Me) is a place where sick children get support, so it's certainly not a strategy we think is appropriate," Rugby Australia chief executive Raelene Castle told Nine News.

Former Wallabies teammate Drew Mitchell also slammed Folau's decision, saying there were others more deserving of donations.

"YOU are in a fight that YOU chose to be in after YOU broke the terms of YOUR contract, the kids below are in a fight they NEVER wanted to be in & yet YOU think YOU deserve donations more than they do??!!," he posted on Twitter.

However, Folau supporters say they contributed because "freedom of speech is under attack and religion prevails".

"We are all happy to donate. He could have asked for 10 times that and I'd still chip in," a Sydney donor told

"I donated. Twice. Once for rugby. The second for religious freedom and free speech. I might give again because the Qantas CEO doesn't have the right to get involved," he said, making reference to Alan Joyce, who rubbished claims he was responsible for ordering Folau's sacking.

Meanwhile, Netball Australia released a statement saying they don't endorse Maria Folau in her decision to endorse her husband's GoFundMe page in his legal fight against Rugby Australia.

Maria and Israel Folau following the Taini Jamison Trophy. Photo / Getty
Maria and Israel Folau following the Taini Jamison Trophy. Photo / Getty

The Silver Ferns international, who will take the court in the black dress this week in the Cadbury Netball Series at Auckland's Pulman Arena, reposted a link to the GoFundMe page on her Instagram account.

"Netball Australia and Suncorp Super Netball is committed to providing welcoming, inclusive and supportive places for all people to play and watch our great game," the statement said.

"We are aware that Adelaide Thunderbirds' athlete Maria Folau re-posted her husband's GoFundMe page details via social media. There is no action required by the league.

"We will continue to support Maria as a valued member of the Thunderbirds and the Suncorp Super Netball league."