The kids are alright, and as history will probably prove, also all right...

When they're not flossing (not that kind) or scrolling through TikTok, some of New Zealand's teens are out on the sports field winning medals, suiting up for national teams, and winning tournaments around the world – while making the rest of us instantly feel old and contemplate mortality more than ever before.

Here are some of Generation Z's finest Kiwi athletes, who aren't just brimming with potential but also killing it on the world stage:


Joshua Bai

Joahua Bai. Photo / NZ Golf
Joahua Bai. Photo / NZ Golf

Joshua Bai is a literal child. He just turned

Edward Osei-Nketia


Grace Nweke

Nico Porteous

Zoi Sadowski-Synnott

Etene Nanai-Seturo

Amelia Kerr

Anna Leat

Alice Robinson

Lewis Clareburt