I won't play against the Cowboys tonight, but I'm satisfied I did everything possible to give myself the best shot.

It was an intense week of rehab, with all kinds of methods and techniques. I even visited a cryotherapy clinic on the North Shore on Wednesday.

I avoided running and any contact work until yesterday but I did a lot by myself. Plenty of time with the air compression units and a lot of stretching.


I also took home one of the club's portable Game Ready machines, which pump cold water and ice around the injured area.

When you've got a short-term injury like mine you do whatever is necessary to come back as soon as possible.

I've even been taking extra supplements — magnesium, fish oils and that kind of thing — and tried getting more quality sleep.

Being scratched from the side a few minutes before kickoff last Saturday against the Rabbitohs was an intense disappointment. It's strange looking back at it even now.

Across my career — 143 games in the NRL and 89 matches in England — I'd never picked up an injury in the warm-up before.

I was kicking a few balls to Ken Maumalo, and struck one a fair distance once I was warm. At that moment, though, I strained my adductor, in the middle part of the groin.

We tried a few things, and after the doctor strapped it up I attempted to run in the tunnel.

Initially, I thought I might be able to get through, but it soon became obvious I would have been a passenger and the physio and doctor both agreed I was no chance to play against Souths.

In those circumstances it was quite difficult watching the boys play.

I wasn't sure how to process it and initially I was a bit embarrassed, feeling like I had let everyone down.

I guess that's why I'm so keen to get back out there as quickly as possible.

I thought the boys competed well for 60 minutes last weekend on the Sunshine Coast before allowing Souths back into the game.

It was disappointing for everyone, especially as we had worked so hard to get in a good position to win the match. But the players did well and Chanel Harris-Tavita showed more glimpses of his potential.

It's been a sad week for the sport, with the retirement of Greg Inglis.

He was a once in a lifetime footballer who changed the way the game is played, in my opinion.

GI was a nightmare to play against. In every team I've played in he was at the top of the tip sheet when we would look at the opposition. Big, strong, fast and agile, he could run around you, or over the top of you. He was great in the air, could kick, ball play and of course had that fend which has become synonymous with him.

Within a few plays GI could tear you apart and before you knew it the game was gone.

He'll be sorely missed but will not be lost to league in retirement which is great for the game.

Looking ahead to tonight's match, it's hard to understand how the Cowboys are sitting where they are on the ladder. I guess it's a reflection of the competitiveness of the NRL.

Internally we rate them highly — everyone in their starting pack has played Origin or test football and they have Michael Morgan pulling the strings in the halves.

It's going to be a huge challenge. Similar to the Titans two weeks ago, they'll come to Auckland desperate to get a win.

We'll need composure, intensity, physicality and game smarts to ensure the right result.