Steven Adams has admitted that he "couldn't care less right now" about the Tall Blacks, after again being questioned over his chances of playing for the New Zealand national basketball team.

The Oklahoma City Thunder star was asked by ESPN about his chances of finally pulling on the black singlet at the FIBA World Cup in September, but once again the centre swatted away the question like he does shots at the rim.

"Honestly mate, it's just one of those things that's a maybe - every time I'm asked. It's like, I couldn't care less right now, all my mind, all my energy is here, and rightfully so," Adams told ESPN.

Adams is of course referring to his NBA playoffs campaign with the Thunder, who are set to play the Portland Trail Blazers in their first round series, starting on Monday.


But, while he says that remains his focus until the end of the season, he did say that he is in contact with Tall Blacks coach Paul Henare.

"I am talking to them, not often, but you know, we talk or text. I talk to the head coach all the time, so we are in touch," Adams said.

That has been the case in the past, without Adams suiting up for the Tall Blacks, and while it was always unlikely he would play in qualifiers, there was hope that he might represent New Zealand at a major tournament like the World Cup, which falls during the NBA offseason.

When asked whether he still wants to play for New Zealand, Adams again went back to his usual response – saying some day he would love to be in the Tall Blacks environment.

"Yeah, absolutely I would [love to play for New Zealand]. Obviously, I want the country to succeed. It's a great country. One of the biggest goals is to beat Australia to be honest with you mate, because we always lose!"

Adams' availability will be key for the Tall Blacks' chances at the World Cup, with Greece, Brazil and Montenegro set to provide a tough test in pool play, and only two sides advancing to the knockout round.

But, New Zealand fans won't be getting their hopes up about Adams being onboard - and after his most recent comments, don't expect an answer until well after the Thunder are knocked out of the playoffs.