A bodybuilding national champion has been banned from an Auckland Les Mills gym amid allegations she was training gym members at the facility despite not working there.

Auckland bodybuilder Ashleigh Pope has competed internationally and claimed the New Zealand open figure title in 2017.

She has had her membership revoked at the Takapuna Les Mills for what the gym claims was a 'health and safety' issue - however the 25-year-old says she was only working out with friends.

"After much consideration we have decided to terminate your membership here at Les Mills," said an email from the gym's manager which Pope posted on Facebook.


"I have spoken to you on several occasions asking you to stop training, coaching or providing such services to members at our facility. As the Gym and Personal Training Manager of this facility, it is of my view that you have continued to provide these services despite our conversations to the contrary.

"Our policy is to enlist only qualified health and exercise professionals who are registered with the New Zealand Register of Exercise Professionals.

"Such professionals go through our recruitment process, then are exclusively contracted to our membership. Your actions to ignore my requests and in my opinion continue to provide coaching and training services to our members constitute a considerable Health and Safety risk to our members and is therefore a breach of both your membership contract and our policies in regards to Personal Training at our facilities.

"After consulting both the Les Mills National Office and our Club Manager, we have made the decision to terminate your Les Mills membership effective immediately.

"Should you wish to become qualified and registered in the future, I would be happy to consider you for an approved Personal Training position at this facility."

Pope told Stuff that she was just working out with friends and denies the claims.

"It's based on assumption, not facts."

"My sport requires me to push my body to the limits ... and for safety reasons I require a spotter."


"But I am not a personal trainer, therefore I do not train any member of the gym."

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Bodybuilding. When I started this journey in 2015 my goal was never to get my pro card. My first comp was a goal to achieve just the one show. Every year I set myself a new goal, 2015 was to compete. That year I got a taste for the environment, the people and the structure that was required for this sport. In 2016 I took the year off competing to focus on building more muscle, to improve and to be better. I planned to compete in 2017 again with my boyfriend at the time, I moved to Auckland in February and started studying. Few months down and the boyfriend is no longer but the motivation to compete was higher than ever. If hard times come along in my life I use that energy to fuel my trainings. I want to prove to myself I am better than how I feel inside. Training is my mental release. That year I won my class in 4 shows and 2 overall titles. I made a choice between two federations based on my new goals, values and beliefs. A federation that would respect me and my identity of who I am. This year I competed only with the @nzifbb and if I’m honest it has been an absolute roller coaster. Highs, lows and everything in between. I wouldn’t change a damn thing, I love taking the hard road, the one with the biggest hills and the most challenges. I am here to grow and to learn from the very best. I am grateful to be given the opportunity to represent New Zealand. TBC for 2019 #nzifbb #ifbbproleague #figure #physique #bodybuilding #bodysculpting #journey #selfdiscover #improvement #dontstop #gym #training #fun #ifbbprofigure #55 #xtremenutrition #newzealand #auckland #procard

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