Ike Catcher wants to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger and while we're not sure what his acting skills are like, he's certainly got the body to match the iconic bodybuilder and Hollywood legend.

And he wants everyone to know it.

Catcher is a 2.06m, 130kg giant who's made a name for himself hanging out at the famous Muscle Beach in Venice, Los Angeles. The ripped adonis gives demonstrations on workouts and pumps up the crowd in the sunny spot on America's west coast.

Catcher introduced himself to an Australian audience when he picked Channel 7 presenter Edwina Bartholomew up over his head during a cross in 2014 and he was back on the network to discuss what he's doing in Australia.


The muscular monster, who sometimes works out for 4-5 hours a day, said a friend was showing him the sights Down Under when Weekend Sunrise co-host Basil Zempilas asked if he was going to follow in Schwarzenegger's footsteps.

"Totally. I've been in Venice for four years now, I've worked with Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, I've worked with (actor and comedian) Kevin Hart, I've been on several TV shows all over the world," Catcher said.

"A bunch of movies coming up. I just had some great news a week ago for a big project in Hollywood ... they last movie they produced was Creed 2 so big things."

We thought that's where things were going to end as the show's hosts tried to wrap the segment up, but the camera stayed on Catcher and he wasn't prepared to go just yet.

"Hold up, I didn't peel out yet," he said as he ripped his white singlet apart and tore it off his body.

Flexing and yelling into the camera, he added: "Who needs these shirts anyway?"

Zempilas and his co-host Monique Wright were both taken aback. "Wow," Wright said a couple of times before Zempilas chipped in with: "You are a freak." Both struggled to find the right words to describe the showstopping moment.

But it was the reaction of newsreader Sally Bowrey that was picture perfect. The camera went to her and it didn't look like she was overly impressed with the shirtless star, offering up a nervous smile that seemed to say: "What the heck is this guy doing?"

Ike Catcher ripped his shirt off at the end of the interview. Photo / Twitter
Ike Catcher ripped his shirt off at the end of the interview. Photo / Twitter

You can check out Catcher ripping his shirt off — and the reaction of the Channel 7 stars — from the 5.05m mark in the video below.