The Warriors are offering potential new fans the ultimate get out clause, with an option to walk away from a season pass if they are not satisfied with the team's performances on the field.

The NRL club launched the innovative scheme on Friday, which will allow new supporters the opportunity to cancel their memberships after the first six weeks of the 2019 season.

It might be termed the 'millennials clause', given the supposed fear of commitment associated with that generation.

It could also be targeted towards the large sector of peripheral Warriors fans around Auckland, who jump on the bandwagon when things are going well, but are quick to head for the hills if the team has a couple of poor results.


The special feature of the 'New Recruit' offer, which is available to supporters who haven't been members before, is an option of committing for the full season or cancelling after the first three Warriors' home games at no further cost.

The Warriors reached the playoffs last season. Photo / Photosport
The Warriors reached the playoffs last season. Photo / Photosport

Under the scheme fans pay a joining fee, then a weekly payment for the duration of the 25-week NRL season. If they choose to exit after April 20, they are unable to opt back in at a later date.

"We are giving you a leg out if you are unhappy," said Warriors CEO Cameron George. " It's the same idea as a gym. If there is a big uptake on that this year we might offer something very similar next year, maybe with a couple of opportunities to walk away.

"We have to challenge ourselves and come up with different ideas. Membership is a constantly moving space and I'm prepared to give people the opportunity to be part of our club and then allow them to walk away if they don't feel like we are doing good service to their membership or we are not good value. Ultimately what could happen is they stay for the year and transition into a full member in 2020."

The launch follows the Warriors posting a 53 per cent membership increase on the same period last year, climbing from 8305 members in January 2018 to 12,713 to date this year.

Warriors CEO Cameron George want 15,000 season ticket holders. Photo / Photosport
Warriors CEO Cameron George want 15,000 season ticket holders. Photo / Photosport

The main catalyst for the increase, which was the biggest year-on-year rise across the NRL, was the team's startling turnaround last season, where they won six of their first seven games, before qualifying for the NRL finals for the first time since 2011.

Season ticket sales have also been boosted by the cut-price membership offer of $199 for 2019, a considerable saving on previous years.

"We are stoked, but not satisfied at 53 per cent [growth]," said George. "We want to hit 15,000 members. That will be absolutely outstanding and show those Aussies that we are a force to be reckoned with...we're loyal, we're passionate and we can match it with the best of them."


Under the New Recruit scheme, fans pay a $22.00 joining fee and 25 $7.92 payments for the season, for a total cost on $220.00.

Those opting out after the first three games at Mount Smart are liable for the joining fee and eight $7.92 weekly payments through until April 19.The offer is on sale for the month of February.

The first three home games at Mount Smart Stadium are against Canterbury-Bankstown on Saturday, March 16 (5.00pm), Gold Coast on Friday, April 5 (8.00pm) and North Queensland on Saturday, April 20 (7.30pm).