To be or not to be the next All Blacks coach? That is most definitely the question facing Steve Hansen, whose immediate future following next year's Rugby World Cup has been the subject of intense speculation lately.

The one thing we do all know is that we now will know sometime tomorrow morning, Hansen making his intentions known at a press conference in Auckland.

It seems like a distant memory and maybe that's because it is but I do recall that the original idea was he would step away altogether following the Japan tournament. Then during last year's Lions tour, (although please don't hold me to the exactness of this timeline), he indicated that may no longer be the case, the latest word going around being that perhaps he'll step aside, not away, and take up some newly-created over-arching role where he can still be involved just not as the actual Head Honcho like he is now.

To me this makes perfect sense, i.e. keeping the man involved.


Because apart from the arguments that start with "time for a fresh voice, his message has gone stale etc etc", (arguments I feel are more kneejerk than substantive), I've yet to hear anything constructive or worthwhile that convinces me we'll be better off as a team by completely ridding ourselves of his experience, knowledge and wisdom.

Steve Hansen will make his future plans known on Friday morning. Photo / Photosport
Steve Hansen will make his future plans known on Friday morning. Photo / Photosport

Hansen has changed almost everything about our All Blacks in the last eight years.

The systems and processes (for want of better terms) are in place, the template for continued growth and success now well established.

And one of the smartest things about Hansen (that not a lot of folk ever acknowledge) is that he has the humility and nous to surround himself with people who are the very best at what they do then happily lets them get on with it without the need to interfere or micro-manage.

Then, of course, there's the man's track record. Eight losses in eight years. Repeat that out loud a few times. If it wasn't for real it would almost be ridiculous.

For me perhaps the best thing about tomorrow morning is that finally, we're about to find out.

And then this story can slowly slip away and the focus can go back on what's really important and that's winning the World Cup next year as opposed to who will be coaching us in its aftermath.

To quote the man himself, a perfect moment then to "flush the dunny and move on" employed and assigned to do.