Among other things, the Kiwis will be dining in the desert during a Dubai stopover on the way to England.

The team left on Monday afternoon for the Northern hemisphere, but will have a 72 hour stop in the Middle East on the way, including an evening at a Bedouin style camp in the desert.

It's an initiative to break up the long trip, as the team adjusts from spring in Australasia to late autumn in England.

"We'll do a bit of training there," said Maguire. "[It will] give the boys a bit of experience to look at another part of the world."


It's different for a Kiwis team, and another example of the lateral thinking that Maguire has brought to the camp.

On the evidence of Saturday's display, the surprise elevation of Dallin Watene-Zelezniak to captain was a masterstroke, as the fullback was a revelation.

Maguire's tapped into the success of the past, by involving the likes of Stacey Jones, Nigel Vagana, Nathan Cayless and Daryl Halligan in the camp.

Maguire also created an environment that got the best out of Jared Waerea-Hargreaves – something that has been tricky for Kiwis coaches in the past – and gave Shaun Johnson and Kodi Nikorima the confidence to perform in the halves.

Maguire also ensured that young players like Joseph Manu, Brandon Smith, Ken Maumalo and James Fisher-Harris coped with the pressures associated with test football.

And perhaps most importantly, he managed the difficult return of Jesse Bromwich and Kevin Proctor, after their off field issues last year.

"I spoke to them about everything that went on," said Maguire. "They were very open. One thing I can say is that, that's behind them now. It was nice to see them out there and perform the way they did."

"Kevin Proctor was absolutely off his feet, and there were probably three or four times where I could have taken him off but I knew what it meant to him. He found something extra and dug deep and stayed out on the field."


Though Maguire always deflects praise and attention, his attention to detail, planning and ability to bring the team together was a vital factor in the boil over 26-24 victory on Saturday.

The Kiwis have always had plenty of talent, but turning potential into performance has been an ongoing challenge.

"Talking to the players prior to coming into camp I knew the quality of them," said Maguire.

"They did it. They instilled [belief] by the way they prepared. I've got some strong characters, in Jared, Jesse and Kevin; I know there has been a lot said about those guys but they have been really impressive coming into camp and the younger guys have also come in with a spring in their step."

Maguire is aware the hard work is all ahead, as the Kiwis face tests in Hull (October 28, NZT) Liverpool (November 4) and Leeds (November 12) in the space of a fortnight.

"It was a good performance but we haven't really done anything yet," said Maguire. "It's about what we do over and over…that's what we are about.

[But] it's the start of something. I hope there are a lot of people around New Zealand that have noticed the change. Going to England is a big task and we need to improve on what we did on Saturday night."