Now facing more than 100 charges of sexually abusing young boys, Alosio Taimo will spend days in the witness box denying every single allegation laid against him.

The 55-year-old's trial in the High Court at Auckland is now in its seventh week.

The jury has heard from the boys and men who testified Taimo touched, sexually violated or induced them to perform sexual acts on him.

Some of the allegations against the rugby coach date back as far as the late 1980s and early 1990s.


"That's not true," Taimo said today. "I never did that to him.

"That's never happened," the teacher said after another allegation was put to him.

Initially, there were nine complainants and 53 charges against Taimo.

However, after the Herald and other media published his name more complainants came forward.

The allegations grew to 83 charges and 18 complainants.

"That's ridiculous," Taimo said of another allegation.

His defence argues all the allegations are "lies" and a "fabrication".

This week the charge list grew again to 106, while the Crown also revealed a graphic photograph found on Taimo's phone showing a young man engaged in a sexual act.


The image was described but not shown to the jury after Justice Simon Moore ruled it was too graphic.

The young man in the photograph with Taimo is not one of the complainants.

Taimo's alleged offences are said to have occurred at his home, in his car, in school sports sheds, in a classroom, and in a South Auckland park from 1987 to 2016.

It is expected Taimo will remain on the stand for much of this week, including a lengthy cross-examination by Crown prosecutor Jasper Rhodes.

Rhodes said the youngest of Taimo's alleged victims was 9 at the time, while the eldest was 16.

Taimo's daughter is also due to give evidence in defence of her father.

The jury will be asked to return verdicts on each individual charge.

Suppression orders prevent the Herald from naming any schools or sports clubs associated with Taimo's alleged offending.

The trial continues.