Big Decision tomorrow night people.

I'm guessing among the most critical you've faced this year.

So much riding on which way you jump so do think carefully.

What game will you be watching live tomorrow night, will it be
The All Blacks vs Argentina or the Warriors away to Penrith?


Both kickoff at 7.30 AND you can only choose one.


Well it's obvious isn't it?

Trying to watch both at once is impossible.

So don't even attempt the split screen simultaneous MySky experience. To fully commit means you've gotta concentrate.

And to be emotionally engaged in a way that fandom's sporting psychosis demands, the rules clearly state you are ONLY allowed to watch one while recording the other.

C'mon, you know this, you know this is what you signed up for.

So. Where does your loyalty lie?


And don't give me any tripe about how 'the All Blacks are guaranteed to win you already know the result of that game' cobblers.

The day we as All Black fans start believing that BS is the day we get the bum bite we least expect.

Every test match is important, every performance inching closer towards a World Cup in 12 months that come the time we'll all demand we win.

To assume All Black invincibility is to invite another Ireland in Chicago.

YES we should win, yes we most probably will and yes we are in an amazing
vein of form playing great rugby so why wouldn't you want to watch?

BECAUSE the Warriors are on at exactly the same time!

And the nervous, not-knowing, torturous weight of who-the-hell-knows what team out of the two will turn up, and will they, can they, is an equally compelling question with the added ingredient of potentially devastating emotional investment.

So, what's it going to be?

The All Blacks in front of the TV?

Or the Warriors from behind the couch like me?