TV presenter and former NRL star Bryan Fletcher claims video on social media of him allegedly purchasing a white powder from a man is a hoax.

"Look who I'm selling bags to!' a voice says in the video which shows Fletcher before the person filming shows a bag of white powder to the camera.

'Don't say that!' Fletcher responds. "We'll just say I'm hanging out with a cab driver. I don't know who this cab driver is," the former Kangaroos rep adds.

The 44-year-old played more than 200 games for the Roosters, Rabbitohs and Wigan before retiring in 2007.


He is a co-host on Monday Night with Matty Johns.

Bryan Fletcher.
Bryan Fletcher.

Fletcher's manager told the Daily Telegraph that he has done nothing wrong and was simply appearing in a Snapchat video with a fan.

"He has done nothing wrong and told me he was in a taxi heading home with his wife after a night out having dinner," his manager Steve Gillis said.

"The driver asked him for a quick Snapchat video... Fletch told me that he's never met the bloke, he just jumped in the back of his cab and driver pulled this stunt - he's clearly been set up."

Gillis told the Telegraph that Fletcher has the full support of employer Fox Sports and has considered involving police in the matter.