If it wasn't for Luc Longley stepping in, who knows just how bad the damage could have been for several players.

The hulking former NBA star came to the rescue of Chris Goulding who was trapped underneath several players and officials. Longley spoke as the team arrived back in Australia and he didn't bite his tongue, slamming the Philippines coach.

Yesterday, a selfie taken by the Philippines players was in the headlines. After the fight had been broken up officials took more than half-an-hour to decide whether or not the game should continue, and in that break, some Filipinos smiled and said "cheese", much to the dismay of people around the world.

Basketball Australia CEO Andrew Moore found the photo "strange" and ex-Boomers captain Shane Heal also slammed it. But it was more than just an act of disrespect or pride in their role in the brawl, Longley said.

Who doesn't like to smile after a fight? Photo / Twitter
Who doesn't like to smile after a fight? Photo / Twitter

Instead, it represented just how little control Philippines coach Chot Reyes had over his players — a lack of control that when combined with his fighting words — was responsible for the disgusting violence.

"I've never seen anything like that, not even on YouTube," Longley said. "I believe their coach incited them to come out and 'thug' us.

"I think there's video evidence of that. I'm most disturbed with their head coach.

"Letting his team take gangster selfies on the baseline shows how much he lost control.

"I think he was embarrassed by the kind of shape they were in, I think he was embarrassed with how they fought."

"He wouldn't look me in the eye at the end of the game when I shook his hand. I think he was embarrassed and I think that's where a lot of it came from there.

"I'm upset with him more than anybody."

Reyes was caught on camera talking to his team during a time-out when he said: "Hit somebody, put someone on their a***."

Longley has been praised for coming to the rescue of Goulding and he admitted it was a "horrifying" moment and his intentions were to "just get my big body in the way".

"Those are sorts of images that you hope you never see, one guy lying on the ground covering up his head and being kicked and beaten by the other team's players and officials and guys from the crowd – it was horrifying,'' he said

"I wasn't supposed to come off the bench…sometimes you decide there's a more important thing going on. Really disturbing.

"I went onto the court to protect our guys with the idea of obviously not hurting everyone, just getting my big body in the way. I went to help a couple of other guys and then saw a big throng of blue, I couldn't even see any yellow at the bottom of it.

"Eventually I did see that (yellow uniform) and that's when we realised that Bubbles (Goulding) had been left by himself which is not fair.

"He took a lot of hard hits and didn't swing once in retaliation which was an enormous act of discipline.''